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Sri International College is unique among its peer institutions in having seven schools co-located on one contiguous campus, and all of them possess exceptional breadth and depth of excellence. This naturally facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration.


If you’re looking for a way to advance your career, earn a comfortable life, or take on more responsibility within your organisation, Academically an advanced degree could help you reach your goals. After all, Sixty One of employers claim the skills needed for their positions have evolved, now requiring a higher base-level of education. What’s more, there will be a 14 percent growth in jobs requiring a master’s degree by 2024.


When deciding whether or not to pursue an advanced degree, it’s important to know what kind of professional degree will help you meet your personal and professional goals.


Only professional degree or an academic degree each degree at SIC has its own benefits that may make one degree more relevant to you depending on your profession.

SIC attempts to provide a comprehensive education that instills within its students a principles that values not only learning and professionalism, but also contribution and commitment to the advancement of community.

SIC provides a learning environment that helps students identify goals and the means to achieve them. With this philosophy in mind, students learn by interacting with a community of faculty, staff, and Industry dedicated to SIC’s academic purpose.

Vision & Values

To create an advanced research college of professional learning of international standing where pursuit of knowledge and excellence shall reign supreme, unfettered by the barriers of nationality, language, cultural plurality and religion.

_Excellency in quality of education, International Standard of education curriculum & training model_

_Inculcating Global Perspective in attitude_

_Creating Leadership quality & Visionary_

_Fostering spirit of Entrepreneurship to build new opportunities for societal Responsibility_

_Cultivating adaptation of ethics, morality and healthy practices in professional life_

_Encouraging and supporting creative abilities and research temperament_

_Instilling habit of continual learning_


Sri International College -Members

Er. Jairam Mishra

Founder, Chairman

0671 - 2309272

Mr. Prasant Pattnaik

Finance Dept.

Fd. Ashok Chanda

HOD Fashion Designing Dept.

Dr. Bikash Jena

Dept. of Fashion Designing

Mrs. Papdi Dey

Student Coordinator

Er. Subhashree Dash


0671 - 2309472

Mrs. Jyotirekha Sharma

Student Affairs


Ms. Mamta Biswal

HOD Yoga Dept.

Mr. Siva Dixit

Dept. of Yoga

Dr. Himasu Sahoo

Dept. of Yoga

Mrs. Suhashini Sahoo

Administration Officer

Ms. Pretipadma Samatray

Academic Coordinator


Ms. Sarbajita Chaudry

HOD Hotel Management Dept.

Mr. Khetramohan 

Operation Manager

Ms. Swayong Sampurna

Dept. of Computer Science

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